What Have You Done to Save a Life Today?

July 18, 2009

Not necessarily for the Army, but to get involved!

Not necessarily for the Army, but to get involved!

It’s such an enormous question, one that immediately sends images running through your mind of you reaching out and pulling someone back from a cliff, or performing CPR moments before that person’s very essence is no longer tangible. Yet, this question doesn’t have to be a scene portrayed in Michael Bay films, it can be simpler, easier, but it’s requires unselfish acts and more importantly awareness.

Each of our lives seems so important, our tasks so monumental, we carry ourselves with our own sense of importance that often, we forget the impact that our lives may have on other individuals, especially if they don’t immediately let us know how we have impacted them. When you think about it though, it’s amazingly apparent how we’ve been influenced often by strangers we will never actually meet. Think of your commute to work, to dinner, or simply to your home, how often do you become frustrated with the people who are driving around you? This person drives too slowly, this person doesn’t use signals, that guy almost hit me, faceless strangers that at any moment could become very real to us and play a much larger role in our lives.

So many stories are often passed around about the negative impact that these nameless individuals have had upon other members of society, but lost are the stories of nameless heroes that have become involved in countless ways by donating time, ideas, and resources that have revolutionized someone’s entire lifetime.

Take for example the motivation and determination of young Alexandra Scott, whose simple desire to help her doctors find a cure for other children with cancer led to the national sensation known as “Alex’s Lemonade Stand.” How about the countless individuals who volunteer at soup kitchens, and homeless shelters.

Which then begs the question again… What Have You Done to Save Someone’s Life, Today?


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