“That boy sure is a runnin’ fool!”

August 4, 2009

I apologize for the writing style on this one… my computer has erased my edits and additions twice… because internet explorer is being ridiculous!!!!

That’s the way I feel sometimes about running and really about everything… I hear it from time to time that, “that boy is just a plain fool.” I just begin to work on something and everything I have goes full on with it… I don’t think I know any other speed. It’s either all or nothing.

So when I decide I’m going to run and train for something I’m outside basically everyday. It becomes and obsession like the other components of my life obsessions. Many of these obsessions are extremely fulfilling – teaching ( I teach 9th Grade Social Studies in Bucks County, Pennsylvania), Cancer awareness and fundraising (currently for the Lance Armstrong Foundation), and of course running.

I’ve been running for the past five years/six years… There’s something about it that is extremely enjoyable.  Now that seems like such a odd statement, because most people use running as a punishment. Plus, you find a great many runners who hate the actual act of running, but enjoy the feeling afterwards.

Me? I’m a little bit everything. I enjoy the actual act. It’s fun to get out and cruise along the countryside, watch the scenery change, gaze upon the road that passes underneath. Plus, the act of setting new courses and goals with the purpose of conquering them stretches your limits and shows you tangible improvements. It’s also competitive: you versus the one major constant… time.  Running is symbolic: Your life…You versus the clock… which will last longer? Running is grueling, it’s painful and it constantly nags at you to stop. With all of that said I find it amusing to find what I want to say about running so wonderfully articulated in commercials.

Here is a sample:

Here’s another

or my favorite…

Currently, I’m training for the Livestrong Challenge in Philadelphia.  It’s a great day! It’s a great 5k and the purpose for it is exceptional! It’s a day of rememberance, celebration, and fun.  The tace is exciting, and then there’s the commeraderie that follows, food, bands, and beer.  I will do my best over the next few weeks and months to chronicle my running experience and to prepare myself for the eventual race at the end of the month.  At some point, I know that I’m going to ride in the Livestrong Challenge, I just need to get myself a bike.   I might even do it in time to make my way down to the Livestrong Challenge in Austin! We will definitely see what happens!

Until then, I have a question… What motivates you to run?


2 Responses to ““That boy sure is a runnin’ fool!””

  1. Felton Says:

    Hey Dave,

    I applaude your efforts and agree with you regarding the relationship people have with running. Sometimes that relationship is contentious and other times harmonious, like virtually any other relationship in life. I, myself, have undertaken the challenge of running and I have circled the date on my calendar: 5-2-10, which is the date of the 2010 Broad Street Run. Recently, cancer has reared its ugly presence to someone in my wife’s family, so I will be running the Broad Street Run for people like him and people like your Dad.

  2. gameoncancer Says:


    Thank you, I appreciate the support. Moreover, I applaud your push for for the Broad Street Run and your reasons for doing it. I will also, circle the date and be there to support you and your family in your run. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. Did you see the links to the resources on the right? There’s a huge selection of information over there! I will check in occasionally!

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