The Drive-by…

August 12, 2009

So I decided I should finally get around to telling you all about my first experience as the victim of a drive by… Who would have thought it?  Back in my wonderful, phenomenal home town of Downingtown, Pennsylvania.  I decided, as I usually do, to venture out  for a fine run of approximately 2.5 miles.  It’s a nice course loops through my neighborhood down a small suburban street and across some pretty long, involved hills.  I’ve been running this course for a little while since I’ve returned to Downingtown, so that I can prepare for the Livestrong Challenge in Philadelphia. Livestrong Challenge Philadelphia Link (Which I think you all should participate in! It’s going to be a wonderful event!)

Everything was going smoothly, I stretched, took off up the hill, down the other side out over the open road.  I turned into a small neighborhood,  joked around with a couple fellow runners, booked passed an overly friendly golden retriever that mistook my legs for a pair of new love interests and emerged on the other end of this small community road.  As I made the finally swing onto the last quarter mile stretch of my training loop, I was running in the left hand lane (off on the shoulder), which in Pennsylvania is where you’re supposed to run if there are no running/walking paths) when a blue midsized SUV started coming towards me.  In the right hand lane was another car traveling on its particular path.  The SUV coming towards me decided to swerve towards me in the shoulder and flipped me the bird! I promptly responded with my own double armed salute and carried on my run. 

At this point, I believe the adventure is over… I get to my ending point, look at my watch and realize I’ve put in a pretty good time, despite the shenanigans.  I then walk out of the drive-way back down to the road to cool down – as I turned around from the run the same SUV was approaching. I could see it slowing down.  I popped out my ear-buds making sure that I could hear exactly what they were going to say to me, when to my surprise they said nothing and just drove on. Alright, again I feel things are finished, but I decide I’m going to continue on just to make sure. I looked over my shoulder and saw the SUV had turned around at a local street and began to come back down my path.  I didn’t think anything was going to happen, until I heard shattering glass at my feet.  The three guys in the car who maybe weighed a total of 300 lbs. together, and who were doing their best to look like outcasts from a Backstreet Boys and Jonas Brothers boy band had decided to throw glass bottles at me.  These juveniles then hit gas and tore away.  Luckily, for me I was able to memorize the make and model of the car, as well as many of the license plate numbers that I was able to report this to the local authorities!

Now, I ask you, who in their right mind decides it makes sense to stalk and attack a pedestrian whose only crime was to run and unfortunately, make a driver in a car slow down in a residential area, which you should be driving slowly through anyway? Plus, last time I checked the driver’s manual still has stipulations and regulations for cohabitating with runners and cyclists.  What made things worse was to watch the news recently and see the following stories: Cyclists and Joggers Attacked in Delaware


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