9 Days…

August 14, 2009

There are 9 days remaining until the Livestrong Challenge Philadelphia! I can not even begin to tell you how excited I am.  There are still so many things that I need to accomplish. Currently working with a local clothing designer to come up with our team shirts, which I think are going to be pretty wicked! As soon as the design is finalized… I’ll post it for you all to see… Also, there are just not enough days I think to train.

I went for a run today and I completely felt like this guy…

Exhausted 2

or better, yet…


Now, it’s not that I haven’t been running. It’s just that I changed locations for my run and came back to a terrain that was a little bit more inclined.  Plus, I ran at noon, so needless to say I was finished.

In addition, to all of this I need to make the final push for my personal goal of raising 3,000.00 for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Currently, I stand at 2,701.00, but for our team we have raised 7,198.00! It’s incredible, I cannot even begin to thank all of the people who have been so generous in donating or buying the survival bands, or who have come to the yard sale.  It has been incredible and I’m so thankful! There of course will be other events coming, plus, I think I need to start getting into the contest portion of all of this, which will make things more entertaining and bring some more attention to a great cause.  Looking at the time… I think it’s in my best interest to finally go to bed… plus, I don’t think this post has been written with nearly the same attention to grammar and sentence structure, but alas, I was happy to do it. Until later today… Good night!


One Response to “9 Days…”

  1. gameoncancer Says:

    Comment from Pam: lol, yeah i’m feeling like the polar bear this week…..

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