The Calm Before the Storm…

August 16, 2009

1st: Crazy Congratulations to Lance Armstrong for his victory at the Leadville Trail 100 MTB!!! 2nd: Good thoughts and prayers for Fatcyclist who crashed out, but will hopefully be here in Philly next weekend.


Lance at Leadville

What’s next weekend? The Livestrong Challenge Philadelphia, as it is only 7 days away! Very exciting! I’m looking forward to this event, as I have been for the past year and as I do every year. The final preparations are in full effect. T-shirts are almost finalized and I should have artwork to show you on Monday and the list of those people we are honoring or memorializing is finished.  Now it’s time to finalize the fundraising for this event and hit my goal of $3,000.00.  Then prep some food and prepare for the festivities!!!

Today, though was dedicated to a large portion of the event, which is the actual run. I decided to travel over to a local high school and put some distance on the track.  1.) I wanted to make sure my endurance was in good shape for the actual run. 2.)  I wanted to push myself on time and distance.

The beginning of the run went as it should smooth, no major concerns, good pace, good strides, but as the heat beat down, I began to feel myself slide.  I hit three miles with a good time, but began to feel dehydrated.  So I walked for about 1/2 mile and felt my body rebound.  I then pushed  for another mile and a half to close out 5 miles.  Overall, not a bad performance, but I would have liked to have been more consistent throughout the full run.  Damn perfectionist in me wanting everything to be perfect, but when you’re pushing thirty sometimes the body doesn’t like what my mind is cooking up.  This will set up tomorrow for a small distance run and possibly some intervals. After the run down to Baltimore for a good ole “family” BBQ and then home for some family “BS.” More on that to come…  but for now the positive

This image is what’s positive… all of these people coming together to put their bodies, minds and spirits together in a beautiful movement to end cancer. It brings a smile to my face.  Hope you all are training?


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