Family and Friends… Part 2 of 2

August 20, 2009

As promised here is the other side of this post…

The Livestrong Challenge which is on… Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!! Hopefully you said that with the proper voice.  Alas, there will be no BigFoot or Bone Crusher, but there will be a phenomenal amount of people beating feet and pushing pedals… (The Sunday, Sunday Sunday quote is reference #1… points for Monster Truck Show commercial [1 point] you get bonus points if you actually went to the Spectrum and saw a Monster Truck rally [3 points.])Just remeber there are only 100 spots left for the Challenge, so if you’re interested and not doing anything on Sunday, I would sign up now…

I have been massively impressed with everyone who has been so gracious in donating money, or doubling money [Jon!! and hopefully, Nick, if Accenture pulls through], or showing up to events, or buying the survival bands, or showing up to the run on Sunday. To date we have raised $7,783.00!  I wanted to thank you all for what you have done. I know that my father would be blown away by all of the support that you have shown.  In this vein, I have been impressed with some of the demonstrations of support that people have done, that I wasn’t even aware of… What that means to me is a great deal?  Why? These people weren’t attempting to gain and personal recognition for their exhibition,  they were doing so because the felt something and that signifies my father’s impact upon others and it makes me proud to have been raised by him.

That feeling is what motivates me to fundraise, to talk about cancer, to create this blog, to run, and to dream bigger about what all of this could become. With this I’m excited to become a small portion of this cancer community, so that I may give back.  I feel I owe a great deal to the people who were apart of this ordeal and who reached out to me,  checked in on me or my mother, or distracted me from the chaos of the everyday cancer struggle. These people listened when I needed someone, and often appeared when I didn’t realize I needed someone.  I want to list those people out, but I fear that I would forget someone, and offend someone, and that’s not what this is about.  So to you who are reading this and played a role in the last few months… THANK YOU!!! I hope and pray that at some point, I can repay you for what you’ve done for me and my family. So as much as I’m running on Sunday for those people who have been affected by Cancer, I’m also running for you and the faith and kindness  you have shown. 

Running update: I definitely ran today, and holy mother, was it hot today…. I did run and was smart about it, watched my feet and tried to match my stride with the terrain! With that in mind I ran a beautiful 2.5 mile course today and cut about 20 seconds off my usual time. Pumped. I will be out to run tomorrow and then day off on Friday. Quick little run on Saturday… rest, hydrate and get up early and torch some macadam.


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