August 25, 2009

The evening preceding the Livestrong Challenge , myself and  the majority of the muckity-mucks of Game on Cancer (G.o.C.) went to the Livestrong Challenge reception dinner.  Very swanky and a great deal of fun, but as I left the dinner and delivered my faithful companions to there point of departure, the pressures of the next morning set in.  I started to panic about everything, would everyone make it in the morning, did I run enough, did I have enough water and did I have everyone’s shirts in the proper bag with the proper bib numbers. Then it crossed my mind did I have safety pins for the bibs? Seriously? I was stressed about safety pins! Not only was I stressed about safety pins, I decided that at 12:00 AM, the day of the race that I better go out and get them. I drove to the local ACME. CLOSED @ Midnight.  I drove to the local GIANT, where I was greeted by a slew of workers out smoking (Ironic, I’m flying around for safety pins for a Cancer run/walk/ride and there are 10 guys working who are all smoking.) These guys informed me that they were…. CLOSED, but that the other GIANT which is 4 miles down the road was open.  I drove there found my safety pins, picked up some water and drove back to my house. I, also, drove over to my friend Steve’s house and woke him up out of a sound sleep, which was pretty hysterical.  Why did I do this? It’s not because I enjoy tormenting people in their sleep, even though I do. It’s because he and I were carpooling to the race so, he was supposed to stay with me  (in a totally we’re buddies sleep-over.) After arriving at the house, I downed some water and then tried to sleep.  I was extremely unsuccessful for almost three hours.  I just couldn’t sleep. I don’t know if it was the adrenaline of the next day, or the stress of everything going on, but either way I just kept tossing and turning.  There was no sleep to be had. Eventually, I finally passed out and woke up before my alarm, which was set for 5:00 AM.  Yes, that means I slept for less than 2 hours! Disappointment. The day; however, could only get better from there.

Woke up and drove over to Montgomery County Community College (the location for Livestrong Philly and met up with the majority of the Kappy Kid’s team, dished out shirts and babbled until the start of the race.

When the horn blew, I was off, bobbing and weaving through the crowd moving to the 1st mile mark. I checked my watch I ran it in an eight minute mile pace. The second and third mile, I was running fine, but I could feel it in my body that it wasn’t as easy as it should have been, so I dropped gears to ensure that I was going to finish the race in stride.  Looking back on that I’m disappointed, I should have pushed further. I would have been fine! I finished the race on my watch at approximately 26 minutes, but that’s from the sound of the horn not necessarily the starting line. It took a little time to get to the beginning, thanks to throngs of people.  My time was not a goal. It should have been and will be next year, but completion of the challenge was. To recap my goals for this year were the following:

1.) Run the race = I ran the race in 26 minutes = CHECK

2.) Get a picture with Fat Cyclist and/or Drew from Blame Drew’s Cancer. I got a picture withFat Cyclist (see previous post entitled Livestrong Challenge Eve Part 2 of 2) and I got a picture of Drew so I’m counting it. Therefore, CHECK!

and finally,

3.) Get a picture with Eddie George (former Heisman Trophy winner and Tennessee Titan. Also, number 22 on the all time rush list.)  Hmmm… This might be tricky…

I didn’t know how this was going to happen, but if all else failed, I was prepared to wait around until Noon, when he would be doing an appearance for Nissan at the Nissan tent in the Livestrong Village. No matter what happened I was going to finish my challenge.

As I stood talking with members of my team, I happened to look up and all of a sudden, Eddie George was walking right to me.  I extended my hand, introduced myself and after a near panic attack about finding a camera (which fortunately for me Lauren (my old roommate) had her camera phone) and we captured this photo:

Eddie George and Dave = Mission Accomplished

Eddie George and Dave = Mission Accomplished

Therefore, CHECK! Three missions set and three missions accomplished. By the way, in this picture you know what looks good, besides the studly men in it (hopefully, you know I’m being sarcastic on my part at least)?  The t-shirts. [Voice of Kool-Aid Man] “Oh yeah!” Those are some mighty fine shirts! Better yet, here’s my underwear model pose to show off the team shirts:

Dave modeling the stylish Game On Cancer t-shirts and the Livestrong Hat!

Dave modeling the stylish Game On Cancer t-shirts and the Livestrong Hat!

 A better example of how the shirts look may be found on the team: Gratuitous Team photo:

Team Photo! That team is Outstanding!

Team Photo! That team is Outstanding!

We’re missing a few people from this team photo, but it is a good photo. Most of the people on the team ran, except long time childhood friend, Nick who biked 45 miles! Everybody dominated their race. We finished our race experience with some good food, good tunes (as their were some great bands playing), and of course some good beverages. There was even a celebratory champagne toast afterwards.  

Overall, the event was a meaningful day to pay tribute to those that have passed from cancer, to those that have survived cancer, to those that have cancer and to everyone who cares for any of the above.  It was a fine day for commarderie, awareness and activism.

For me personally, it was a day to pay tribute to my father, to remember everything that he means to me and to remind myself how devastating it was to lose him. It furthermore reaffirmed my mission and motivation to continue to champion cancer awareness. Equally important, was that this day was humbling, because I can not even begin to describe the amount of thanks that need to be expressed to the people who donated, to the team for coming out, to everyone who wished us well and of course to the (G.o.C High Command: Leigh, Lauren, Jon, Lucy, and Nick.) Their efforts have been instrumental to the success of the overall day and the experience. I’m already looking forward to next year’s event. I do need to point out that this year’s fundraising is not finished, we still have until October 1st and I would love to move our team number to 10,000.00. We are so close!!!! Currently we sit at $8,168.00. More events to be announced soon. But for now, I feel like this:

Team Member passed out from the excitement and events!

Team Member passed out from the excitement and events!

Good night, all! I’m heading to bed. I have an early morning of team meetings for our new school year!


5 Responses to “LIVESTRONG CHALLENGE!!!”

  1. Jason Crane Says:

    Great stuff, Dave. I’ve linked to this, along with other ride reports and photos from Philly, over at



    • gameoncancer Says:

      Dear Jason:

      Thank you very much for your kind words, and the additional traffic you have sent this way. I greatly appreciate it!


  2. maryksmith Says:

    My son & I did the LiveStrong 5K walk. My husband founded “Team Smitty,” after having done the 100 mile bike ride last year. This year however, he didn’t live to make it to the challenge. He passed away July 21st. We had 24 members on the team and raised over 7K. We’re already talking about Team Smitty for next year. Cancer SUCKS!

  3. gameoncancer Says:

    Dear Mary:

    I’m terribly sorry to hear about your husband. I can empathize with you about your loss, as my father passed away in March. It sounds like your team, your son and you are doing wonderful things to try and keep your husband’s memory burning. Cancer does SUCK! If you ever want to work together on some combined team efforts for fundraising let me know! I would be thrilled to work with you and your team to keep your husband’s memory going and of course the lost members of my team!


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