Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery!

August 31, 2009

Charles Caleb Colton, the English cleric, and writer coined the quote, that
“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”  Most people take this quote to mean that you should not be offended by the fact that  someone wishes to copy your style, or your clothes. You should marvel at the fact that others wish to follow your lead. It’s simply because  you are a trailblazer, an original, a one of a kind.

I tend to agree with this idea and therefore, I am highly flattered that the fine folks at Urban Outfitters have decided to carry a band/bracelet that is the exact model and replica of the surival bands we have been selling here at Gameoncancer!!!!

 This is the band that may be found in Urban Outfitters stores and in fact here’s the link to their website:  Urban Outfitters Survival Band 

Please notice the fact that they are selling their bands for a whopping $12.00.  While we have been selling ours here for $10.00 and for awhile have actually been selling them for $5.00! The best part about what we do is that the money we raise goes to two things:

 1.) To pay for the supplies to create the bands

2.) To provide funds that go directly to the  Lance Armstrong Foundation.

What can be better than buying a “Haute Couture” band and providing money to a wonderful cause?

Currently, I have sold  over 300 of these bands to people in mulitiple countries, and multiple states.  Here is the link to the post about these bands on this very blog: 

If you’re interested in purchasing a band, please send me an email to  of the color you are interested in and an approximation on your wrist size and I will gladly make them for you, and mail them to your destination.

On that vein, I’ve been amazed recently how these bands have been emerging in various locations. I have spotted them in different cities, at sporting events in Philadelphia and just out and about. If you currently have a gameoncancer survival band, and travel somewhere interesting, please take a photo of yourself and the band at a destination and email the picture back to me.

I’ve got to think of a way of how I can show you where these bands currently are located throughout the country and world.  Does anyone know of a map or a program that would allow me to modify the map? Just a thought. Thank you for your help and I look forward to making more of these bands to commemorate the fight against cancer!


One Response to “Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery!”

  1. lennonzgal Says:

    Dave, allows you to post a photo and then post on a map where it is. I know there’s a way to look at someone’s map and see where all of the photos have been taken. As folks send you pictures of themselves and their bracelets, you can post it on flickr (with permission, of course) and log it on the map!


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