Is It Over?

September 3, 2009

Today, was the first recongition that summer has truly passed me by, because  the fair students of my middle school arrived for their first day of 9th grade social studies. The buses arrived early and eager faces meandered around the hallways, finding classrooms, seeing old friends  and preparing for the days activities. 

This brings me to a question that has eluded me for years… I never understand the greetings that middle school girls have for one another… they don’t see each for maybe 10 minutes, but they act like it’s been decades. When they see one another, they run across the hallway, get to each and without touching squeal in a pitch that angers dogs and sends them heading for the hills.  At the same time the flail their arms in a wild spastic motion, occasionally there is even a bending of the knees as if they were working on a hip-hop dance move?  It’s very bizarre, but happens a great deal.

For me personally, I  still get nervous about the first day of school.  I think this is a good trait, because it means that I still enjoy what I’m doing.  My nerves are so bad that  I usually don’t sleep well the night before and I generally wake up well before my alarm. I plan everything out the night before, pack my bags, set out my clothes just to ensure that I don’t do something stupid and forget to take everything that I need.

Today, was beautiful! The new batch of kids were great. They seemed nice. They seemed excited to be there  and they even laughed where it was appropriate to laugh. More importantly to me, they seemed to understood that I’m just a silly guy who enjoys his material. This day has me excited to teach for the rest of the year. However, by the end of football practice at 5:30 PM. I was spent. It seems that all of my adrenaline and enthusiasm gets sapped out my body and I want to curl into a hole and sleep for a century, but that can’t happen. It’s at the end of the day, that I worry about how I’m going to be able to manage this year.  This year is going to be a make or break for me… Why? Good question! Here’s the answer in a nutshell:

1.) I’m returning to commuting over an hour and fifteen minutes to my job. Now, the commute isn’t entirely awful. I actually quite enjoy the drive into work. It’s relaxing. It let’s me warm up to the day. I get to listen to some crazy tunes and I get to sing at whatever volume I want. Yes, I’m that driver that is dancing behind the wheel and belting out whatever song is on. What I can’t stand about my commute is the drive home…. It n..e..v..e..r…seems … to…. e…n…….d….. Today, I came home at 9:15 PM.  That’s a 13 hour day of work not including the commute in and home! Plus, this was the first day of school! 

2.) With this commute… Can I maintain my packed schedule of activities for the school.  This includes coaching three sports – JV Football, JV Basketball, JV Baseball and I coordinate the 9th grade graduation project!

3.) My own thoughts of professionalism – Creating crazy lessons, grading the endless papers that I assign and genuinely dedicating the “right amount of time to the students to develop positive relationships.”

4.) Maintaining the my parent’s property, selling my own and taking care of my grandfather and my grandmother who has Alzheimers.

5.) Blogging, fundraising, and creating a forum for cancer awareness! This takes a particular precedent.

6.) Running – How can I stop this when I’ve set these lofty goals! Again, this is a precedent.

Looking at this on screen, I have no idea how I’m going to pull this off, but I’m determined. Otherwise, I’m going to have to transfer districts and start anew and that idea alone is frustrating.  It may become necessary for my own sanity, therefore, it will become a very real thought.  In addition, I’m concerned that my own stubborness will overload me and burn me out. For now, I’m optimistic and believe that I am capable of doing all of this.  In fact, I will do all of this.

Right now, it’s after midnight and I need to go put my things together for tomorrow. So I’m going to go to sleep and I will hopefully, be back tomorrow with some running adventures, because I’ve been a little careless after the Livestrong Challenge about getting my runs in…


One Response to “Is It Over?”

  1. Kat Says:

    Dave – I have no doubt in my mind that you will accomplish everything you set out to do. I do not pretend that it will be an easy task, and suspect you will be quite exhausted for the first few weeks – however I am certain you will find your perfect rhythm necessary to maintain your sanity and reach your goals.
    Good luck!

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