Salt Water

September 9, 2009

Everytime my voice takes a small hiatus, a little play takes place in my head.  It goes something like this:

Setting: childhood household in suburban Chester County. The clock has struck about 9 in the morning and I’m walking down the steps  until I’m even with the kitchen sink. 

My father looks up from the paper and says, “What’s wrong?” 

“My voice is gone…” I express in my gravelly voice

The response simply …”Gargle with salt water.” 

Just the very idea of heating up salt water and gargling with it, drives me nuts. I can already sense the taste of the Iodine.  Yuck.  I would try fiendishly to avoid doing it.  Sometimes when I was young I used to hide the salt hoping that my dad wouldn’t find it and heat it up for me, so that I would have to gargle with the salt water. It doesn’t seem so terrible, but it’s just one of the horrible experiences of youth. It makes me think of this scene from A Christmas Story:

Ralphie after he says, "Fudge!"

However, as the days go on and my voice improves only slightly, the more compelling the salt water elixir becomes.  Tonight might even be the night that I give in and gargle with the wretched concoction.  I think I’m getting desperate.  It simply limits my ability to teach at what I believe are my highest abilities. 

Oh well! I’ll get to it, but as for the other components of my goals. I’m having a little difficulty getting myself motivated to run… Boo!!! Hiss! Rubbish, Slime, Filth… This is what runs through my head everytime I don’t run and the image that fits with it:

The Princess Bride - Great Image of the Commoner

I need to get back on the trails, a path, hell even a treadmill. It’s taking its toll: I feel lethargic/lazy and chubby… pretty soon, I’ll look like this:

This will be me… staring at the trail I should be running 

 I need to get out of this funk, but 1 of 2 things needs to happen. 1.) I need to leave school earlier then I do, which right now it’s already 6:30 PM and I’m still sitting at my desk and if I do that I could run at homeun at home (treadmills are lovely.) Or 2.) Run after practice, but it would have to be right after practice, because the minute I sit down… it’s over.

I’m going to do the Broad Street Run! I’ve sworn it, but I just am crushed energywise at the end of the day.  I need some ideas to stay vitalized. Maybe, it’s just me getting used to being back in the swing of the school year and of course my crazy hours of working? We will see! Alright, I’m spent for the moment and I think I’m going home!

P.S. Thank you for all the recent comments! I’m looking into the photo idea of Flickr!


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