September 11th

September 11, 2009

The rain falling on the east coast seemed particularly fitting today. It was as if the heavens themselves were reflecting upon the events of eight years ago.

What if the rain were the tears of the victims who had passed away on that fateful day as they mourned the moments that were stripped from them?
The tragic hours of that early September morning, where four planes were hijacked and thrown into the World Trade Center buildings, the Pentagon, and an innocent field in Sommerset County, Pennsylvania, will never be forgotten!

Not only will they never leave our memory, but they signaled a defining moment for our historical generation. Our generation has triumphed in the dark aftermath and has forged ahead as it has attempted to overcome the various obstacles that lie in our path. We have fought metaphysically for the rights of others, freed oppressed peoples in far off nations, and argued passionately our own agendas here at home. Yet, no matter our background, our personal political belief, we have still come together in rememberance for those unfortunate souls who perished needlessly on September eleventh. It is in their names that we continue on, hopefully, in a spirit of solidarity that will herald a better nation to come.
-God Bless America


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