September 13, 2009

Last evening I had the opportunity to drive up to Pennsylvania State University to prepare for the renewed rivalry of PSU and Syracuse. Having traveled to Syracuse last year and watching the first match-up of these two major teams, which Penn State won 55-13, I was eager to watch the game today.
We arrived after a wonderful breakfast of eggs, cheese, bacon and coffee cake, at Beaver Stadium. Picture enclosed:

When you look at Beaver Stadium rising out of the mist of the early morning, you realize what a special place Happy Valley is. After snapping the above shot, we prepared our tailgating activities including some ladder ball with random 7 yr olds, enjoyed some food and then into the game! Penn State dominated defensively, but appeared to sputter a little, particularly on Syracuse’s 2 yard line, where Penn State had an opportunity to punch the ball in four times and they fell short. Overall they still handled Syracuse with a final score of 28-7!

I must say there is something magical about traveling to PSU. Its like traveling to a far off country. It has its own vernacular, history and culture and its hard not to be swept up by it. There are definitely times that I wish I had attended Penn State and there are even more times that I think I will. I cannot wait to go again, but for now I’ll enjoy the rest of my sports weekend with the Phillies double-header tomorrow!


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