Foul Ball!

September 19, 2009

While sitting and watching the Phillies game the other night, I saw the most unbelievable catch by a parent sitting in what I believe is the club level behind homeplate at Citizen’s Bank Park. The father after celebrating his catch, hands the ball to his three year old daughter who promptly throws it over the railing to the people below. Here is the link to the Philadelphia Phillies website, which happens to have the video:
Catch – It’s in the Phillies Index and it is the last of the six videos.

It is an absolutely adorable moment.  Well this is where the story gets interesting.  This video of course went viral and as it should because it depicts a few great things about baseball. 1.) The fan interaction with the game. 2.) The family atmosphere of baseball 3.) A great moment between father and daughter 4.) The future of the sport, because that girl had a beautiful toss!

Unfortunately, however, Major League Baseball promptly squashed the availability of this video, because as is legally  understood, the video is the property of Major League Baseball, and we did not ask for express written consent to show the video… but seriously… This video is a touching moment, something that would draw back a myriad of fans to the game, but rather than embracing this moment, Major League Baseball promptly slaughters the moment like some scene out of a slasher movie by bringing down it’s legal cronies. Their legal minons executed a series of cease and desist letters asking every major outlet to remove the video for fear that they would lose money? Now the video is practically impossible to find and a very sweet moment is no more. 

I understand the rights of Major League Baseball and completely comprehend why they would like to restrict the viewing of games without their consent. They don’t want people to make money off the marketing of their teams, their league, without their own consent, but I fear this 16 second clip would hardly bring in any cash. However, it would bring some hits to an up and coming blogger who loves talking about his Philadelphia Phillies and the joys of sports in general, maybe even one that enjoys trying to raise funds for cancer research and the like?! But alas, it was not meant to be.

In other Phillies notes – The boys from Philadelphia have a magic number of 8 and could lock up their third straight divisional title! I can hardly wait!  Barring any major collapse, which is not completely out of Philadelphia’s perview… So here’s for touching moments and hopefully for another trip to the play-offs! I’d love another touching moment in Philadelphia, one that will be remembered for awhile and that Majore League Baseball can’t take away with their legal department.


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