September 21, 2009

Yesterday, I did my usual work around the house, mowing, trimming, seeding, etc. Afterwards, I went up to my house to continue the packing process and bring home a few boxes, including the filing cabinet. All of this work is slowly coming to a head, which is excellent because then the house can finally go on the market!

But before we get to selling it, I’m pleased to announce something I didn’t think was going to happen!!! I decided that I am going to replace the carpets in the house. Now, this is where you start to think, big deal who really cares?! YOU SHOULD!!! Why? Because this means the Beirut a.k.a. Beer pong tournament will happen!!! Why did it depend on the carpets, because now I don’t care what happens to the floor! This Beirut tournament will be a fundraiser for the Lance Armstrong foundation! I’m also thinking there will be a monetary prize for the winning pair!

When is this going to happen? I don’t know, yet, becuase the guy coming to measure is coming this Saturday, so it has to happen in the near future! I will keep you posted! In addition, please let me know if you’re interested in attending!

I’m excited for this adventure, because it guarantees an evening/day of random good times with good people!

More patriotic look:


One Response to “Beirut!”

  1. Kat Says:

    Ok, so I generally suck at pong and don’t normally drink beer – but a chance to get out of the house with adults in a non work setting- I’m in. Let me know when & I’ll make arrangements. 🙂

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