September 28, 2009

I had the day off and I would like to thank my Jewish friends for Yom Kippur! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

For me, I feel that I was productive, today. I was able to sort and clean my clothes and other random belongings. I put them away and get my head back on straight. Putting things in order, always makes me feel better or at least a little more focused. It’s one easy thing to control in what sometimes feels like a completely uncontrollable world. After this bit of organization, I went back to my own home in Bucks county to gather the remaining odds and ends that are within the house. Let me caveat this because the house is still full of large furniture for show, but the minutiae that makes a house a home are missing. It’s kind of sad looking at the remnants of my home and preparing to close this part of my life, but I know that it is for the right purpose and will lead to better things. That’s what the focus is making things better. Sometimes it just can’t get here quick enough!


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