My Own Sistine Chapel

October 4, 2009

Sistine Chapel

Sistine Chapel

Last night, I felt like Michelangelo preparing the Sistine Chapel. The image hit me as I was lying on my back with a telescopic pole painting the various portions of my hallway.  It was definitely  more real when I was preparing scaffolding so that I could paint the upper reaches of the staircase.  Painting, I find is very relaxing and calming. I think it is one of my favorite chores to do.  Even though by the time I’m finished, I’m usually covered in paint from head to toe. Here’s me during the painting:

Me painting in the hallway

Me painting in the hallway

This image says two things. One: Dave needs to get more sun, because look how pale my arms are… they almost match the walls and Two: Doesn’t this picture look like some sort of spiritual sighting… the big white light above my head???

The painting I did last night was great! I completed the entire upstairs hallway, laundry room, bathroom doors and started the stairs.  I need to get some more paint and find some more time to get up there and do it, but it went wonderfully. I passed out there at the house and then drove down here to scenic, beautiful Chester County, for a breakfast meeting, and then down for the Phillies Game for Fan Appreciation Day!

The game was perfect, the Phillies bench players, plus Jayson Werth and J.A. Happ v. The entire starting lineup of the Florida Marlins, including their best pitcher.  The crowd was a frenzy, the Phils played wonderfully, even though they were down most of the game, but they pulled it off in the 10th on a Paul Hoover (Triple A catcher) single off the glove of Wes Helms (former Phillie Third Baseman.) Just a nice day of relaxation, fun and good times. I came home and began reading excerpts from this website: kind of hysterical. Dirty… very dirty, but funny. Makes me think of Post Secret. Well, I’m off to plan some hijinx and think of ways to end cancer… Plus, I need to prepare for getting my butt back into the gym after practice tomorrow. I’m feeling chubby and not prepared for running in May!


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