Phillies up 2-1!

October 19, 2009

Today was a beautiful day for Phillies baseball, as they jumped all over the visitors from Los Angeles 11-0! From the outset of this game it seemed that Cliff Lee and the Phils were in control! Every Philly starter was on base and every starter minus Raul Ibanez had a hit, but no worries he has been a stud throughout the series. Defensively, Cliff Lee pitched beautifully striking out 10 in 8 innings of shutout ball. The 10 strikeouts matched a record for strike outs with Curt Schilling from his performance in the 1993 NLCS against the Atlanta Braves. The most impressive offensive contributions continue to come from Ryan Howard and Carlos Ruiz. Ruiz ( a.k.a. Señor Octubre) is hitting as if he was calling the pitches for himself. I would actually like to see Carlos Ruiz win the MVP, if the Phils can continue to win two more games. But, also, I would understand if they gave it to Ryan Howard, especially since he holds the record for most consecutive games with an RBI. I hope the Phillies can do the same for Joe Blanton tomorrow/today.

Interesting side note: During the game, a conversation began about Curt Schilling about whether or not he will make it to the Hall of Fame? And if he does whether or not he will go into the Hall as a Phillie? My opinion, he deserves to be considered and I can only hope that he would go into as a Phil, but fear that because he won with Arizona, and Boston that he would forget those of us in Philly. I am determined to ask him and will pose the question to his blog to see what he will say. Lord knows that he will tell it like it is and that and his sheer dominance as a pitcher that I respect about him. The debate led to his stats and I checked them out on my least favorite website wikipedia. The man has a very admirable career and an incredible post season career. What blew me away beyond his career was a tidbit I picked up about his charitable donations including his wife’s charity The Shade Foundation which is a foundation, which promotes melanoma awareness and activism to end melanoma’s potential lethal attributions. This is particularly important for me, but the foundation stems out of Shonda Schillings’ diagnosis of I believe stage 2 melanoma. I was unaware of this and I think it’s phenomenal that this foundation exists. The Shade Foundation


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