October 29, 2009

Yesterday was my anniversary. The thirtieth anniversary of my birth. It was an exciting day of adventures, food, class, food, practice, and food. Did I mention the food? By the time the day was over, I felt like I put on about twenty lbs!!!

The day was also a day of reflection. I think it’s set up that way because everyone keeps asking you, “Do you feel old?” “Don’t you feel ancient?” “Is that another grey hair, I see?” Well, when someone keeps asking that question, you begin to question your thirty years and what you’ve accomplished. So I thought about the various things I have accomplished and the many things I would like to accomplish.

What do I want to accomplish? Here’s a brief checklist:

  • Hang out with the guys of GUSTER
  • Sky dive
  • Travel to Ireland CHECK!!! This is done! 12/12 -01/01/13 It was awesome! I should totally write aobut this.
  • Learn to officially speak sign language
  • Get my PhD
  • Coach an undefeated team – so close two years ago. We were six inches away and this year we were one hit away…
  • Travel to all of the baseball stadiums – I’ve knocked off the following:
  • Citizen’s Bank Park, Veterans Stadium, Camden Yards, Shea Stadium, Yankee Stadium both old and new, Citi Field, PNC Park,
  • Cinergy Field, Miller Park, National’s Park, Fenway Park, Dodger Stadium, Wrigley Field, Cellular One and RFK Stadium. That’ s 16 folks. Working on knocking some more of these off!
  • Run a marathon (half marathon in September (finished) and another coming up this September 09/2013
  • Ride a century bike race
  • Ride in RAGBRAI
  • Go to the Tour de France
  • Travel to all 50 States – 26 states currently.
  • See the Pacific Ocean – This was accomplished while I was in SF!!
  • Meet Michael Jack Schmidt
  • Get Published – Book or article

Things I have accomplished:

  • Traveled to Europe – 3 times – trip 1: England, Scotland, and Wales trip 2: Austria, Germany, Belgium, and France trip 3: Spain.
  • Became an Eagle Scout
  • Graduated College and earned a Masters Degree
  • Traveled to numerous states 26- AZ, CO, DE, FL, GA, IN, IL, LA, MO, MD, NC, PA, CT, SC, CA, NM, NJ, NY, TN, VA, WI, WV, TX, OH, MA, and CT.
  • Whitewater rafted
  • Rock Climbed
  • Spar Poled
  • Repelled
  • Teach – 8 years
  • Raised about 8,000 for Livestrong
  • Saw the Pacfic Ocean

There’s more that has been accomplished, but those are some of the highlights, plus, I find it weird to write some of this down, because it feels like I’m being bragadocious? I don’t like that feeling at all. More thought will definitely be given to this and what I want to accomplish from here out.


One Response to “Anniversary!”

  1. Kat Says:

    I remember your Eagle Scout ceremony!!! Well, not specifics exactly (me being old and all) but being there! You’ve got great lists – on both sides! 🙂

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