November 7, 2009


or actually haven't been.

It has been months since I have been back in the gym. Basically, coaching, teaching, moving, helping my grandfather sell and pack his place have consumed my life that I’m so crushed physically that I don’t feel motivated to go. That changed earlier this week, when I found an hour, like it had been a missing sock or the holy grail. I used that hour like it was two-bit hooker, not that I would know what that’s like, but I so the expression goes. The only problem was that by doing so I realized how much being away from the gym was affecting my body and even my mental state. I have ached for the last two days as if I had been in THON at Penn State! Every muscle is sore and muscles that I had long forgotten that existed, decided to wake up and collectively tell me how agitated they are.

This made me realize that I need to get back into a regular routine, because I still have ambitions of representing gameoncancer at the Broad street run in Philadelphia! Right now, Broad street sits off in the distance as a shiny beacon calling to me. The only unfortunate thing is that my body is not moving to the light. It’s scurrying away like Broad Street had H1N1! This weekend will be an opportunity to get back on track, especially since my grades will be just about finished. Plus, this week signifies the end of the football season.  I’m a little disappointed that it’s coming to an end, but I will be happy to have the time back. Until the end of the week, it’s going to be important for me to get back into a routine otherwise, I’ll end up looking like the Walrus in this picture:




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