Empty House…

November 15, 2009


Empty House

The countdown to the sale of my house is now on five days. This coming Friday, all of the turmoil, work, and mental preparation for the sale of my house will be over.  This past Saturday, we emptied my house of all of the major furniture and it is looking like a more polished version of the house that I bought.  I can remember my first night in the house more than six years ago: me alone on an air mattress with nothing in the house except a clock, a couple blankets, the smell of fresh paint, and a great deal of ambition and hope for what the future held.  I think it will be fitting that my final night in my house is gearing up to look very much like it did when it began. Tomorrow, I head back to my home, possibly for the final time to do some cleaning and touch ups on the paint, so that I can hand it over to a young pup looking to own his first home. I wonder if his first night in the house will look like mine did. 

I think tomorrow, will be an emotional evening and I’m looking forward in some ways, to a night alone in the house to mull over the last few years and the various events that have occurred while I have lived in that house. Those moments have been a rollercoaster of emotions positive, and depressing, but I’m curious to see how I will fare when I’m thrust into the final moments of all of these memories.  Even more so, I’m curious to see if my first night without the house will be like the first:  one of wishful ambition.


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