November 20, 2009

Thirty-three… My brother would be thirty-three today (November 19, 2009.) I like to think of what he would look like, what he would have accomplished and how our lives would be different? Unfortunately, those daydreams vanish with the cold facts of reality.
Today, however, was a day to focus on his memory, pay tribute to his memory and through his story aid a group of students who are entering their first holiday without a loved one. I was priviledged to have been asked to speak to a group of students about my experiences with loss in hopes that they might find some solace and tactics to cope with the holidays and the various emotions that will emerge.

I hope that what we discussed about finding positive stories and sharing those stories will aid these students in keeping the memory of these influential people alive. I know that without discussing my brother, pieces of him would slip away. Therefore, Happy Birthday, to my big brother, and the family’s source of laughter.


One Response to “Thirty-three”

  1. N Says:

    I don’t think I’d realized you had a brother whoh’d passed away. Happy birthday to him. ♥


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