The San Francisco Treat

November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving in my home has always been a family tradition. My parents, my brother and me were always together. It was a holiday for the immediate family. Since things have changed, I figured this year should be different. We should start a new tradition still be a family, but not necessarily sit at home and do the traditional Turkey day. I’m sure the turkey’s feel safe as they have been spared another day, though it’s kind of like when Sarah Palin pardoned the governor’s turkey, because tomorrow I’m sure we are still going to have turkey!!

With our change in tradition, I decided we would go somewhere else! Somewhere both my mother and I had never been, San Francisco. What a great idea! We would travel to a state we had never been to! So the plan was set, tickets purchased and the wait was on. After some tireless planning the day finally arrived. My mother and I made it through our conferences (parent/teacher) at separate schools and we were off on the 6 PM flight out of Philly!

The flight itself seemed to take forever 5 hrs, but we managed and landed in sunny San Francisco at 8:30 PM! From there we took a quick taxi ride over from the airport with our Eritrean driver who was rocking out to some crazy Eritrean music!!! Felt like a discotech!
Much of the ride in from the airport reminded me of Philadelphia, nothing particularly stuck out, but it was also the middle of the evening, so not totally surprised.
However, once we were out of the cab the multicultural experience that is San Francisco came alive. We arrived at the Omni Hotel San Francisco, which is stunning! We were greeted by a porter of Vietnamese decent named Romacito. He ushered us to the front desk where we met the most gracious individual. His name was Juan and he was from Spain (Awesome!) I haven’t tested my Spanish, yet, but fear not, it’s coming. Once in our room we were back in a cab with a Chineseman, who took us to Little Italy and here we found a
Quaint restaurant named Viva, which seemed right out of the Sopranos! Man, that’s a lot of culture in one sitting and we are not finished! Eating dinner I witnessed some
Crazy sights, thugs, preps, you name it, it was there. I was even propositioned by whores with their pimp standing their in full three piece suits! Very strange, but got me to thinking about which city is really more culturally diverse New York or San Francisco? This is going to be a crazy trip and I’m really looking forward to it!


One Response to “The San Francisco Treat”

  1. Pam Says:

    Hahahaha… gotta love California. Never know what’s going to happen! Enjoy your awesome trip!! 🙂

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