Christmas 2009

December 27, 2009

Christmas has come and gone, but there were some memorable moments of Christmas 2009 that made me laugh hysterically, angry and upset.  Let us begin.

“A Boy’s Protest” –

Walking through various stores Christmas shopping I came across a little boy walking with his father.  The little boy must have been about 5 and was being tugged by his arm around the aisles of the store.  The priceless moment came when all of a sudden you hear this boy’s tiny voice call out over the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping, “Dad… You’re driving me crazy!” Upon hearing this, I looked over at another shopper and she and I just burst out into laughter.

“Christmas Help


Now, I remember working at the mall around Christmas time, and it’s stressful and people aren’t always friendly, kind and courteous, but at the same time, it is the Holiday time of year. A time where the assumption is that everyone is happy, getting ready to see extended family members, new additions, running the gauntlet that is other people’s families, friends, etc. I was shocked; however, when I came across rude and unhelpful store clerks, especially since, I wasn’t nasty, mean to them. Here’s the story. I went looking for the new Super Mario Bros. game for the Wii and I wandered into numerous stores looking for this particular game. When I walked into the GameStop – I asked a gentleman on the floor if they had the game, he responded telling me that they did not and then he walked away. Not a problem. So I approach the gentleman again, and ask if it’s possible for him to call another store in the area to see if they have it. He looks at me puzzled walks over to the counter, where the guy behind the counter tells me I need to get in line to wait for someone to help me with that concern. Okay, still not an issue. I wait my time, walk to the register, where a gentleman looks up the numbers and then hands them to me. Telling me that I should call them and that he hopes I have good luck. Now, here’s where I begin to take umbrage. If that was all he was going to do for me, I could have looked them up myself and not had to wait the 35 minutes in line to have someone hand me phone numbers. Secondly, how hard would it have been to look up in the computer system if any store in the area had copies, call over and ask them to save me one. And all of that could have been accomplished by the guy on the floor, which then wouldn’t have hurt their timing at the register.  Finally, what made it worse was that, after leaving there, I walked upstairs to find the sister store of the GameStop downstairs.  In other words, they didn’t even ask me to check their other store in the same mall!  

“Christmas Tree”

It has been a long standing tradition in my family, to wait until the absolute last moment to get a Christmas tree, and then when you do find the largest Christmas tree possible. One that is usually 12′ tall and then crush it in to a room that is only made for an 8′ tree.  This year was no exception. 

Now, here is where you probably wonder why would you purposefully wait to track down a tree of such caliber, because in our house it was always a tradition that Santa put up the tree. It has always been one of my favorite traditions and I wanted to keep it going. So,on December 23rd, we went out to track down the TREE.  We searched far and wide, countless tree places, and all of them had skimpy, worthless, trees. They were actually beautiful trees, but nothing that would suffice. Until we searched a small ice cream place in Phoenixville, and there the following interchange occurred:

I start searching amongst the trees and these gentleman come out from between two Douglass Firs.

“Merry Christmas!”

“Merry Christmas!” I return.

“What can I help you find?”

“Tall, Full, and BIG.” I respond dolefully.

“Ohh… You don’t want any of these.  But I have the perfect tree for you…”

This is where it felt very similar to a dark alley deal going down, because I was led around back, through an alley, to a small collection of trees in a gated area. It was like walking into the mobs secret workshop. The man leading me then says, “If you don’t like this tree, you don’t like trees.”

Needless to say, I guess I like trees, because it ended up in the car and in our house.  In fact, I’ll get a picture to put on here.   

Overall, Christmas was an enjoyable time and I’m already looking forward to the preparations for New Year’s.  I hope that all of you enjoyed your holiday and are eagerly awaiting the new year, because it has to be a better one that is finishing.


4 Responses to “Christmas 2009”

  1. lennonzgal Says:

    I’m beginning to think you live right around the corner from me … that ice cream place (I’m assuming you mean Petrucci’s) in Phoenixville is a mere 10 minutes from my house …

    Glad you found a great tree!!

  2. AliceMatt Says:

    This is a very good post and i also like your blog page layout too. Bookmarked your site and will stop by again

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