Ideas Abound

January 11, 2010

I’ve been working feverishly on a plan to encourage school spirit within the school that I teach. This all came at the prompting to check out a couple of youtube videos that have recently been made famous around the country. They were created by rival high schools in Washington state. That rivalry is between Shorecrest High School and Shorewood High School in Shoreline, Washington.

What these schools have accomplished is a lip dub video that involves a good portion of their school, some careful planning and some highly involved/motivated students, and faculty.

What is a lip dub? A lip dub is a single take video where the sound has been overdubbed and the students are lip synching.

Over the past week, I have been ridiculously excited about attempting this project. The work I have been doing has been an obsession in plotting, organizing, stirring up emotions, and finding individuals who are willing to aid in my plot. It sounds now that things are working in my favor, but we will see as the next few weeks progress. So that you may see what these lip dubs look like. I have humbly submitted for your approval the following videos (Twilight Zone reference!)

The above was the first lip dub created by Shorecrest High School. I like the transitions in this video.

This was the second video created by Shorewood High School. Notice that they did the whole thing backwards!!! How awesome is that!?

So there it is my thought? I won’t tell you how I think we can improve on these, but the ideas are bouncing around my head and I’m excited to try it. Now I just need permission from my principal!


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  1. […] the Blue Colour of the Sky.  This particular video is a one shot take, similar to the style of the Lip Dub, I’m hoping to accomplish.  However, it does have an aspect that I truly enjoy, which is […]

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