5 More Days…

January 26, 2010



…until the end of January, and the official end of this despised month. Why do I want this month to end: Here’s why – January Jinx.   The worst part is that today could have taken a horrible turn.  I was up early and out the door as usual, and heading off to school.  This morning was worst than most, because of the deluge that was pouring down from the sky.  The environment was so horrible that I didn’t even make it down the street before, I came across downed tree branches and wires.  However, these branches and wires were miniscule compared to what was going to happen when I made it to the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  I was traveling at a normal speed, when all of a sudden I felt the traction between the wheels and road subside.  I promptly took my feet of the gas, and brake and attempted to keep the car traveling in a straight line, however, the car didn’t see things the way I did.  The car started to drift to the right, taking me into the middle lane of the turnpike. I tapped the brake trying to regain control, and instead of gaining control the car fishtailed, and spun me backwards so that I was now facing the original direction that I came.  Overall, this incident lasted only a few moments, but I found myself completely traveling across all three lanes of the turnpike and ending on the shoulder.  Somehow, both myself and my car remained unscathed and safe. The thing that seems strange though was that when I had come to a complete stop, I wasn’t scared. I didn’t feel my heart pounding or racing. I felt pretty calm. I don’t know, why? But whatever the reason, I will be sure to thank my guardian angel(s), saints and or my lucky stars.  The countdown continues… just a few more days and hopefully, this month will come to an end.



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