Don’t I Know You!?

February 24, 2010


I have an uncanny ability to recognize people simply by seeing them once. For some reason my mind takes in people’s faces and they just remain. Sometimes this ability haunts me.  A face appears out of nowhere and I’m positive that I know them, or have seen them somewhere and I can’t place them.   I have to admit though in my line of work, teaching, it works wonders, because I recognize students’ faces quickly and this helps me learn names quickly. 

Today, I came across an interesting article, which discussed Prosopagnosia or face blindness, which is the inability for an individual to recognize faces.   This article discussed a new study by Wellesley College, which claims that your ability to recognize faces may be genetic.  The study claims that as much as to 75% of your ability to recognize a face may be genetic.  The study utilized sets of twins who have a 100% DNA match and other twins that possess a 50% DNA match to conduct the test.  What the study found was that when one twin performed well on facial recognition tests the other  twin performed reasonably within the same range. Where twins had less of a biological link their ability to recognize faces dwindled as well.  If you’re interested to find out whether or not you suffer from Prosopagnosia there is a series of on-line tests which you may take here: Face Recognition Test

Here is the Original Article



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