March 14, 2010

In the last few years of fundraising for the Livestrong Challenge, we here at gameoncancer have tried a variety of different ways to raise money.  Fortunately, for gameoncancer we’ve been very successful having raised roughly $8,000.00  last year.  In the past to raise these funds, we have created survival bands, held garage sales, created jewelry, and have worked with corporations that have provided matching proceeds. This past week we’ve crossed a very important boundary as we have been approached about being the official charity for a new realty group that is emerging here in Chester County! This realty group is led by a long time friend, Chris,  and his realty partner. This Tuesday, My friend and I are sitting down to discuss the various events we can put together to raise money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation!

I am extremely excited by the opportunity and eagerly look forward to working with Chris and his realty partner to help good people find new homes and to help good people battle cancer! Together I think we have a real opportunity to change a great many lives!

This opportunity gives great hope for the expansion of gameoncancer to help others and continue our mission of providing worthwhile information to those who are seeking reassurance, quality information and the will to push for our lives and those we care for. I will of course post information as this possibility evolves.

On another note, it’s official that I am registered for the Broad Street Run and I am getting ready for the run. I’m hoping this will be a greate experience and I’m thrilled at the opportunity to run in support of my friend Scott and his family. More information to follow, but for now dinner calls!


One Response to “Sponsorship”

  1. Chris lagarde Says:

    I am really excited too!!! I can’t wait to see what we come up with!

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