The Unending Legacy of John Wooden

June 5, 2010

Coach John Wooden

Coach John Wooden

” The Wizard of Westwood” also known as Coach John Wooden passed away last night at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles of natural causes. This legendary individual is best known for his uncanny winning percentage in college basketball, winning over 80% of the games he coached.  His UCLA teams won ten national championships in twelve years, the last one occurring in 1975. As a coach, he is an inspiration, a true leader and a master tactician.

However great John Wooden’s coaching record is and how marvelous his accomplishments are, what I find captivating about this man is his personality and the way he led his life.  This is an individual who truly believed in making men.  This is clearly evident in his pyramid to leadership:


 The components that make up this pyramid are life lessons that forge youth into upstanding members of society with a sense of character unmatched among modern society.  It is this method and style of teaching that truly is the mark of John Wooden’s life, because he took his job as coach and morphed into its true intention of mentor, guide, and educator.  His influence is not easily forgotten and will truly live as will his love of the game, of life and probably most importanly to him, his wife, Nellie Riley. 

To read more of his life here are some great articles: 

Los Angeles Times



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