Ramblin’ Man

June 29, 2010

The school year has finally come to a close. I have to admit that I was definitely sad to see the year end. This year’s students possessed a great mix of personality, humor, and intelligence. However, the year must end and like the students I end up looking at my summer thinking what am I going to do with myself.
Fortunately, the first few weeks have been a myriad of activity and travel. It began the day after my professional requirements were complete. I boarded a plane with my compatriots Steve and Dan to travel out to Los Angeles, CA for what was a delayed 30th celebration for our dear friend Dave who is a high school friend for Steve and me, but a college friend for the rest of the crew who was to arrive. Our trip began with a scary trip to the airport in which we almost missed our flight. We raced through security and to our gate to find our plane had just begun to board. From there everything was simple connecting flight on time and picked up in LA with no problems. We then toured LA seeing the Great Adventure theme park, going to a Dodgers v Yankees game, the Hollywood sign, the Chinese theater, the walk of fame, Hollywood Forever Cemetery, etc. Just a wonderful trip. I was thrilled to go spend a good deal of time in LA with some great people. It was particularly nice to feel a little recharged and relaxed.
Having left CA, I have found myself back in Florida to visit family. Updates on that to come.


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