The Best Break-Up Ever

July 6, 2010

Today’s post is about the greatest break up in American history. A relationship that is violent, heart-wrenching, abusive, loving and ultimately ends in independence and eventually mutual respect.

No, I’m not talking about Former President Bush and Former Prime Minister Blair, but the analogy holds for the United States and the United Kingdom.

From 1775 – 1783, the United States and the United Kingdom waged war against one another in one of the most unprecedented victories in world history. A mercantile colony rising up against the world’s strongest power and through pure determination, perseverance and of course the aid of the French and a little less known but equally important contribution by the Dutch (that was your shout-out for today’s world cup game against Uruguay) were able to achieve victory.

American victory was never assured. The United States had to overcome their poor military training, their own internal turmoil, an Oedipal complex with England, and of course their own political views of working together and creating a federal government, but also views on slavery, taxation, and representation, let alone the British military itself.

Yet, here we are 234 years later reflecting upon our independence. Independence that was crafted through the quill of one of America’s greatest philosophers, Thomas Jefferson and edited by the brilliant legal mind of John Adams and the overall genius of Benjamin Franklin. This document which so wonderfully demonstrates our reasons for separation, but it also puts into terms so plain and certain that our independence was to be deemed only natural and accepted by the major global powers of the time.

The Declaration of Independence is not only America’s greatest contribution to our each and every American life, but also to millions of lives across distance and age. For one must remember it is our declaration that acts as the inspiration for so many other rebellions, and free-thinking societies and individuals to emerge (France, Haiti, much of Latin America, etc.)

It’s amazing to think how our society has evolved from a few well placed quill strokes and how those words have grown into so much more. The ideas of Liberty, Independence, Rights, and Freedom written on that parchment lifetimes ago have become a part of the American being that Americans everywhere are still willing to defend those words and ideas as certain as they would defend their own families, for in many minds the two are inseparable.

As this fourth of July fades and the remnants of potato salad, and hot dogs are eaten, while you watch the final explosions of fireworks take a moment to think over the ideals of our founding and drink in the sacrifices of these and countless other individuals have made so that we may enjoy the rights we take for granted.

Miscellaneous Fourth of July Facts:

America celebrates its independence on the wrong day as Congress actually approved independence on July 2nd. John Adams even wrote in his diary that the second of July would be celebrated for ages to come.

Did you know that Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died on the same day… July 4, 1826. The 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson who was younger died first. Adams died later that day uttering as his final words Jefferson yet lives.

Did you know they were not the only Presidents to die on the fourth: James Monroe died five years later on July 4, 1831.

Did you know that changes to the American flag may not become official until the fourth of July. This includes the addition of new states as stars on the flag.

Did you know that we are not the only country to celebrate the fourth of July: other countries include Norway, Sweden, and Denmark (is the largest 4th of July celebration outside the US. Danish-Americans gather on land donated by other Danish Americans for the express purpose of celebrating American independence.)

Here are some links to the musical 1776 starring William Daniels also known for his portrayal of Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World. Also the voice of KITT from Knight Rider


One Response to “The Best Break-Up Ever”

  1. robinesque Says:

    Love it! Nicely written and the extra facts are fantastic! The ironies …

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