One of the moderators of this blog

The moderator of this blog (Dave)

Background on the moderator: Hi, I’m Dave. (This is where everyone in chorus says, “Hi, Dave.”) Then I go on to tell you that I’m a middle school history teacher in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and have been for the past 10 years…. (everyone then claps or gives me the aww face.) I reside in scenic Chester County even though I teach in Bucks County. I’m an avid sport fanatic, which is why I coach football, baseball, basketball and at one point track and constantly watch any and all Philadelphia sports. I must admit they have been an obsession since my birth. I was even fortunate enough to see the Phils play in Milwaukee during the 2008 play-off run and in Philadelphia for games 4 and 5b of the World Series!! Beyond these obsessions I run and have been running for the past several years primarily in support of the Lance
Armstrong Foundation, but also, for other assorted charities.

Why the blog? My father was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic cancer in January of 2009 and passed away two short months later. That experience was a horrendous ride of emotions and difficulties that I do not wish upon any person. Therefore, I’m devoted to aiding the process of ending this terrible disease and giving comfort to others in need. Therefore, this website is dedicated to those fighting cancer in any form. It is also, a calling for anyone to become activists or to continue their activism to help bring cancer to an end. Furthermore, this website will become an extension for survivors, their families, and friends as a means to voice their own struggle with the disease, the absence of a loved one, or to trumpet their successes. Hopefully, a community will be created to aid all those deep in the trenches.

How I plan to do this? I hope that through my random stories of running, my family’s experience that others may find solace, comfort, laughter, information to guide them on their own journeys. Maybe, people will just enjoy the stories… Either way I’m hoping that what is now a small community will eventually grow into something much larger. So in the words of Mills Lane, “Let’s Get It On!”


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