Cancer news is constantly changing. There are so many places to find information that I wanted to collect the news and place them in a semi-easily accessible location. (Updated 02/05/11) This section will expand, I promise.

The lastest news from the National Cancer Institute.

Cancer Prevention:

Tanning beds lead to Cancer. This story originally reported by Yahoo!

For those of you who are a fan of Oral Sex. Unprotected Oral Sex may increase your chances of neck and head cancers. This article comes from, which is owned and operated by WebMD

  Interesting article about Cell Phones and Cancer!


New York Times report about the mental fog that follows chemo.

Interesting article from the Boston Globe about the after effects of Chemotherapy.

Soon to come a breakdown or at least links for common Chemodrugs.  This way you can check out the drug information and common side-effects.

Breast Cancer:

Basic  information on Breast Cancer from the Mayo Clinic.

Drug Compound Kills Breast Cancer Stem Cells – As reported by Reuters via MSNBC. Breast Cancer in lymph nodes ups risk of return. This story originally broacast by the Associated Press, with an easy link to MSNBC.

General Cancer Health:
Depression May Follow Cancer Patients

Liver Cancer:

  Penn State Isolates Stem Cells in Liver Cancer Formation

Lung Cancer:

Pleural mesothelioma – Thorough website providing detailed information about Pleural Mesothelioma

Pancreatic Cancer:

  MicroRNA’s in Blood Maybe Biomarkers in Pancreatic Cancer

Vaccine Moves to Phase I Clinical Trial

Pregnancy and Cancer:

Cancer and Pregnancy –

Prostate Cancer:

  News story from WebMD that discusses the Prostate Vaccine and its prevention of prostate cancer. The drug is better known as Provenge!

Psychological effects on women of men who have prostate cancer! Interesting article!

Interesting Study about Mortality Among Men Who Have Prostatectomy


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