Basic and detailed information may be found through the links below to help you understand your specific type of cancer and the various forms of treatment that exist. (updated 02/5/11)

  US News and World Report – basics with visuals on a variety of different forms of cancer. This is a good beginning resource. The National Cancer Institute. This is an excellent web-site which provides great detail into the various forms of cancer and different treatment styles. It also, provides information about finding good hospitals and good doctors.

– Oncolink – This is the first major cancer research website provided by the Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania

The American Cancer Society provides detailed information about a variety of cancer types as well as provides resources to find the American Cancer Society near you.

– The Lance Armstrong Foundation provides information for cancer patients, but more importantly discusses the various ways one can become involved in cancer activism.

– The Cancer Information Authority is a website that provides basic information as well as extra links to some of the above websites. It does provide information on new medical treatments and direct links to hospitals specifically.

– The Cancer Journal – This is a link for an excellent oncological journal. You will need to sign up, but it will provide you with free information, but it won’t be as specific as if you sign up.

Best Hospitals According to the US News and World Report study on America’s Top Hospitals

The Best Hospitals According to the list:

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

– Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

– Johns Hopkins Hospital

Religious Resources:

Prayer to Saint Peregrine – Patron Saint of Cancer victims – Typically said with 3 Our Father’s, 3 Hail Mary’s, and 3 Glory Be’s.



One Response to “General Cancer Resources”

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    I noticed that you already had some other related resources listed on your resources page at and figured you might be interested in including a link to our site as well. Please let me know if you are interested – I’m available by e-mail at nhare(@) With your help, we can educate the public about the dangers of asbestos and hopefully save some lives. Thanks again!
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