Now, I know exactly what your thinking…. and No, this isn’t that kind of post… but if you were thinking like I was thinking then you automatically started thinking about this:

Ahhh, yes… old school Double Mint gum commercials. If you thought that commercial was ridiculous you should go to Youtube and check out the rest of them, because they are hysterical. My favorite at the moment is this one:

Now, I didn’t send you here just to look at Doublemint gum commercials. It just happens to be one the big benefits of coming to by blog of randomness from time to time. The purpose of today’s post is to ask you donate to the LiveSTRONG foundation.  This is where you immediately start thinking of the millions of other things that you would rather be doing right now or that you cannot be bothered by this whole idea, or that you’ll get around to it later. Let me outline a few reasons why I think this is a worthwhile donation and overall how it relates to the Doublemint commercials. 

Why you should donate:

1st: The donation to the Livestrong Charity is a donation to aid the 28 million people currently fighting the disease. 

2nd: It is a donation to try to end the number 1 global killer and the number 2 killer in the United States:

3rd: In terms of money raised, The Lance Armstrong Foundation provides more money to actual cancer programming on a percentage basis than is used for any other “expense.” The foundation raised 32 million dollars in 2008 and its administrative costs were just over 1 million dollars. To put this into perspective the Livestrong Foundation provides more money on a percentage basis to cancer research then  the American Cancer Society:

This is where you say, “Prove it!” and I say, “Bring it on!”  Here’s the proof. An independent, non-profit organization named Charity Navigator, which also works like the Better Business Bureau and American Institute of Philanthropy (which also have ratings and guides that you may use to find out how charities use the money you donated) have rated the Livestrong Foundation as a higher donor to programs as compared to the American Cancer Society. 

Check it for yourself: Charity Navigator

4th: Most importantly for this post and the reason for the title is that whatever money is donated by the Game on, cancer team will be doubled through the kind workings of Pfizer, INC.  That means if you donate 5 dollars it will actually be 10 dollars. And because of number 3 more of that money will go to cancer programming!

5th: Remember your donations are tax-deductible! Our government and the fine folks at Internal Revenue Service actually admire the fact that you provide money to charities and cut you some slack on your tax returns!

6th: Are you aware that we are slowly moving to a point where nearly 50% of the population will have cancer in their lifetime. Wouldn’t it be better to start working on a cure now, rather than to wait for you to develop the disease and then think about how you should have done so from the start?

Why you think you shouldn’t donate:

1st: I don’t have enough time: Honestly – It takes 5 minutes, actually probably less Donation Page .  Look I’ve even given you a link to a donation page!

2nd: I’ve already donated: Listen so have I… and donating money that can be doubled is like donating 3 times. If you’re like me, I can’t turn down girl scouts and their cookies or the Salvation army when they are outside the mall… why turn down cancer patients?

3rd: With all of the turmoil around Lance Armstrong, I feel that I’m donating my money to a “villain” or a potential villain.  Trust me: There are few people more than I who will be any less devastated by a confirmation against Lance Armstrong, but I’ve been thinking about this and the more I think about it the more I can look past the cycling career and focus on the fact that this man and his recovery from cancer is still an incredible thing and the message that he puts out is positive about ending a disease that will ravage many of us in the years to come. Here’s my history lesson for the day: How many of us go to Rockefeller Center, go to libraries, colleges, and other educational facilities created by Andrew Carnegie.   How many of you use Windows – remember the story is that Bill Gates sacrificed his partner to take it over himself and now he is promoting the return of half of his fortune to charity. He’s also convincing other billionaires to do the same! The funds for those good endeavours came from the exploitation of millions of workers at the profit of those business tycoons, but yet we do not dare tear those structures down, because now they are viewed as positives in our community. I’m not promoting cheating (if in fact Lance is guilty) but I am promoting the message – The idea to overcome a challenge that seems insurmountable, the idea of promoting positive symbolism to take down cancer, the image of strength in knowledge and power of knowledge to take down a disease that threatens us all. I am for that.


Real Men Wear Spandex

July 23, 2010

I’ve done it! Purchased a road bike and have completed my first solo and small group ride. The picture above is moments after my first legitimate ride of any distance (10 miles.) You can clearly see how pleased I am to have done it, there even appears to be a little cockiness in the completion of that ride. If there is? It’s completely momentary, because entering into the world of cycling has been a very interesting road. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve followed cycling. I understand the competitive side of the sport, but actually getting involved in the machinery of it… that’s a completely different story. All of the decisions that need to be made: First: Do you want a road bike, a hybrid, or a mountainbike? Do you want clipped in shoes, (road shoes, mountainbike shoes)? What type of pedals? What type of helmet? So many questions… to the point I felt like I was Jim Carrey’s portrayal of the Riddler in Batman Forever… think back to Edward Nigma repeating to himself “Too many questions… Too many questions.” It can be very overwhelming, but thanks to some great advise and research I settled on a Trek 2.1 bicycle.

This bike so far rides like a dream.  And so far in my first two days of riding I’ve really enjoyed the process. Not necessarily the falling and gaining your balance as you step out of or attempt to step of your clips. Yes, I admit it I have taken the plunge fully attached to my bike on two separate occasions. I think that is probably the most interesting component to get used to, well that and the spandex.

Spandex is a very interesting material and I understand the importance in cycling… something that is aerodynamic, breathable, and padded for all the right spots, but for me who was brought up in a very modest fashion, it’s interesting to wear clothes that, “show-off” your body. I will manage and even at some point get used to it. I’m not saying that I will be wandering around my home on casual days in spandex, but that I think that I will be able to wander around others in spandex soon enough. That comfortablity  certifies for me that men who can feel comfortable in spandex truly are in a class all of their own. It takes a confidence and lack of concern of other’s thoughts, impressions, and humor. 

I think for me I will focus primarily on the fact that cycling and owning my bike will allow me to participate in both the running portion of the Livestrong Challenge and the cycling portion of the Livestrong Challenge, to be held on August 21st and August 22nd respectively at Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell, PA.  With that in mind, I can focus on what the importance is… which is raising awareness for cancer research and cancer prevention.

Update on the Livestrong Challenge: At this point: the team has raised 1,285.00, which will hopefully be doubled here in the future and we have a few other surprises coming up in hopes of raising some money.  We are as of this moment at 29 days away from the challenge and there is still time to get involved! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Ideas Abound

January 11, 2010

I’ve been working feverishly on a plan to encourage school spirit within the school that I teach. This all came at the prompting to check out a couple of youtube videos that have recently been made famous around the country. They were created by rival high schools in Washington state. That rivalry is between Shorecrest High School and Shorewood High School in Shoreline, Washington.

What these schools have accomplished is a lip dub video that involves a good portion of their school, some careful planning and some highly involved/motivated students, and faculty.

What is a lip dub? A lip dub is a single take video where the sound has been overdubbed and the students are lip synching.

Over the past week, I have been ridiculously excited about attempting this project. The work I have been doing has been an obsession in plotting, organizing, stirring up emotions, and finding individuals who are willing to aid in my plot. It sounds now that things are working in my favor, but we will see as the next few weeks progress. So that you may see what these lip dubs look like. I have humbly submitted for your approval the following videos (Twilight Zone reference!)

The above was the first lip dub created by Shorecrest High School. I like the transitions in this video.

This was the second video created by Shorewood High School. Notice that they did the whole thing backwards!!! How awesome is that!?

So there it is my thought? I won’t tell you how I think we can improve on these, but the ideas are bouncing around my head and I’m excited to try it. Now I just need permission from my principal!


November 21, 2009

Variety of Mustaches

 The month of November has been renamed Movember.  Mo’s or Mustaches have been a part of history forever and as a means of celebrating the MO, The Movember foundation has created a fundraising venture to herald this facial history, but more importantly it is a means of promoting Prostate Cancer Awareness. The proceeds from raising funds as well as raising your facial hair go to the Prostate Cancer Foundation and The LIVESTRONG foundation. The Livestrong Foundation, as you know is near and dear to my heart, therefore, I believe in supporting Movember.

Here is the video that introduces Movember and explains its purpose and mission.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, but Dave, It’s the 21st of November, why would I want to do this now? Answer, because it’s never too late to register and you can still grow a decent MO before the month’s end. Even if you are not capable or feel it is foolish to attempt to grow a MO for the rest of the month you can still donate to the cause.  Here is the link for the U.S. addition of the Movember Foundation . If nothing else, I hope that today’s blog entry informs about one of the various ways in which Prostate, and testicular cancers are being fought in the U.S. and around the world. 

Phillies up 2-1!

October 19, 2009

Today was a beautiful day for Phillies baseball, as they jumped all over the visitors from Los Angeles 11-0! From the outset of this game it seemed that Cliff Lee and the Phils were in control! Every Philly starter was on base and every starter minus Raul Ibanez had a hit, but no worries he has been a stud throughout the series. Defensively, Cliff Lee pitched beautifully striking out 10 in 8 innings of shutout ball. The 10 strikeouts matched a record for strike outs with Curt Schilling from his performance in the 1993 NLCS against the Atlanta Braves. The most impressive offensive contributions continue to come from Ryan Howard and Carlos Ruiz. Ruiz ( a.k.a. Señor Octubre) is hitting as if he was calling the pitches for himself. I would actually like to see Carlos Ruiz win the MVP, if the Phils can continue to win two more games. But, also, I would understand if they gave it to Ryan Howard, especially since he holds the record for most consecutive games with an RBI. I hope the Phillies can do the same for Joe Blanton tomorrow/today.

Interesting side note: During the game, a conversation began about Curt Schilling about whether or not he will make it to the Hall of Fame? And if he does whether or not he will go into the Hall as a Phillie? My opinion, he deserves to be considered and I can only hope that he would go into as a Phil, but fear that because he won with Arizona, and Boston that he would forget those of us in Philly. I am determined to ask him and will pose the question to his blog to see what he will say. Lord knows that he will tell it like it is and that and his sheer dominance as a pitcher that I respect about him. The debate led to his stats and I checked them out on my least favorite website wikipedia. The man has a very admirable career and an incredible post season career. What blew me away beyond his career was a tidbit I picked up about his charitable donations including his wife’s charity The Shade Foundation which is a foundation, which promotes melanoma awareness and activism to end melanoma’s potential lethal attributions. This is particularly important for me, but the foundation stems out of Shonda Schillings’ diagnosis of I believe stage 2 melanoma. I was unaware of this and I think it’s phenomenal that this foundation exists. The Shade Foundation


September 21, 2009

Yesterday, I did my usual work around the house, mowing, trimming, seeding, etc. Afterwards, I went up to my house to continue the packing process and bring home a few boxes, including the filing cabinet. All of this work is slowly coming to a head, which is excellent because then the house can finally go on the market!

But before we get to selling it, I’m pleased to announce something I didn’t think was going to happen!!! I decided that I am going to replace the carpets in the house. Now, this is where you start to think, big deal who really cares?! YOU SHOULD!!! Why? Because this means the Beirut a.k.a. Beer pong tournament will happen!!! Why did it depend on the carpets, because now I don’t care what happens to the floor! This Beirut tournament will be a fundraiser for the Lance Armstrong foundation! I’m also thinking there will be a monetary prize for the winning pair!

When is this going to happen? I don’t know, yet, becuase the guy coming to measure is coming this Saturday, so it has to happen in the near future! I will keep you posted! In addition, please let me know if you’re interested in attending!

I’m excited for this adventure, because it guarantees an evening/day of random good times with good people!

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