Today, watching ESPN, I came upon the above story about Mandi Schwartz a center for the women’s ice hokcey team at Yale. This young woman is fighting Leukemia and is in desperate need of umbillical cord blood and bone marrow that matches her distinct combination of German, Ukranian, Russian DNA.  The fear is that if she does not receive these treatments within the next month that she will have to undergo a much riskier treatment and transplant.  The risk is that she would take on a transplant from someone that is a less than perfect match. This could ultimately be fatal.

In the meantime, Mandi’s teammates have begun an organization called Become Mandi’s Hero.  The purpose to raise the number of bone marrow donors on the national registry, as well as, to search for a donor for the stricken center. Here’s a link from Yale about the program: Become Mandi’s Hero

This article and push highlights a very important cause for people facing blood diseases as well as cancer based blood diseases.  I believe that many people are unaware of how important their bone marrow can be or are unwilling to donate.  I’m hoping this push will aid the process and potentially save this young woman’s life.  Therefore, in honor of this week’s tribute to father’s wouldn’t this be a great opportunity for those of you to bring life to another person and play the role of DAD for someone else.  I’ve registered. Have you?