September 6, 2009

As you can tell from the heading of this particular post. I have been struck down by a great case of laryngitis! It has been on coming for a few days, but it achieved full course this morning. I went to speak and nothing came out!
Frustration! You never truly appreciate how often you hum to yourself, talk to yourself until you’re limited in your ability to communicate!

My voice typically leaves the beginning of every school year! I think it’s due to going from casual conversation during the summer to mass overuse teaching and coaching! There’s no subtle slide into it!

So here I am on Labor day weekend silenced by an unforseeable enemy who struck the final blow while I was sleeping. The benefit of this; however, is that I don’t need my voice to continue packing my house, which is coming to an end. The plan to finish tonight and move the majority of my belongings out tomorrow. Then the house can officially be sold and I can complete my retun to Downingtown! Another point of amusement is that I sound like Muttley from “Wacky Races” when I laugh! For those of you trying to remember here’s a picture:

                                                               Muttley Laugh

If you still don’t remember look up wacky races on YouTube! You should find some good clips of Dick Dastardly and Muttley!

The only other great part of this is that I have to try and eat things that will get the inflammation down! Cherry Garcia anyone? If you’re looking for me I’ll be in the ice cream section!

Yes, I know that I have overused my exclamation points, but I’m excited I can communicate and secondly I figure if we were in actual conversation it would take a lot of energy to even make even one sound.

On another note I want to thank wordpress for making an iPhone application otherwise I wouldn’t have had this opportunity either! Until next I speak?