Now, I know exactly what your thinking…. and No, this isn’t that kind of post… but if you were thinking like I was thinking then you automatically started thinking about this:

Ahhh, yes… old school Double Mint gum commercials. If you thought that commercial was ridiculous you should go to Youtube and check out the rest of them, because they are hysterical. My favorite at the moment is this one:

Now, I didn’t send you here just to look at Doublemint gum commercials. It just happens to be one the big benefits of coming to by blog of randomness from time to time. The purpose of today’s post is to ask you donate to the LiveSTRONG foundation.  This is where you immediately start thinking of the millions of other things that you would rather be doing right now or that you cannot be bothered by this whole idea, or that you’ll get around to it later. Let me outline a few reasons why I think this is a worthwhile donation and overall how it relates to the Doublemint commercials. 

Why you should donate:

1st: The donation to the Livestrong Charity is a donation to aid the 28 million people currently fighting the disease. 

2nd: It is a donation to try to end the number 1 global killer and the number 2 killer in the United States:

3rd: In terms of money raised, The Lance Armstrong Foundation provides more money to actual cancer programming on a percentage basis than is used for any other “expense.” The foundation raised 32 million dollars in 2008 and its administrative costs were just over 1 million dollars. To put this into perspective the Livestrong Foundation provides more money on a percentage basis to cancer research then  the American Cancer Society:

This is where you say, “Prove it!” and I say, “Bring it on!”  Here’s the proof. An independent, non-profit organization named Charity Navigator, which also works like the Better Business Bureau and American Institute of Philanthropy (which also have ratings and guides that you may use to find out how charities use the money you donated) have rated the Livestrong Foundation as a higher donor to programs as compared to the American Cancer Society. 

Check it for yourself: Charity Navigator

4th: Most importantly for this post and the reason for the title is that whatever money is donated by the Game on, cancer team will be doubled through the kind workings of Pfizer, INC.  That means if you donate 5 dollars it will actually be 10 dollars. And because of number 3 more of that money will go to cancer programming!

5th: Remember your donations are tax-deductible! Our government and the fine folks at Internal Revenue Service actually admire the fact that you provide money to charities and cut you some slack on your tax returns!

6th: Are you aware that we are slowly moving to a point where nearly 50% of the population will have cancer in their lifetime. Wouldn’t it be better to start working on a cure now, rather than to wait for you to develop the disease and then think about how you should have done so from the start?

Why you think you shouldn’t donate:

1st: I don’t have enough time: Honestly – It takes 5 minutes, actually probably less Donation Page .  Look I’ve even given you a link to a donation page!

2nd: I’ve already donated: Listen so have I… and donating money that can be doubled is like donating 3 times. If you’re like me, I can’t turn down girl scouts and their cookies or the Salvation army when they are outside the mall… why turn down cancer patients?

3rd: With all of the turmoil around Lance Armstrong, I feel that I’m donating my money to a “villain” or a potential villain.  Trust me: There are few people more than I who will be any less devastated by a confirmation against Lance Armstrong, but I’ve been thinking about this and the more I think about it the more I can look past the cycling career and focus on the fact that this man and his recovery from cancer is still an incredible thing and the message that he puts out is positive about ending a disease that will ravage many of us in the years to come. Here’s my history lesson for the day: How many of us go to Rockefeller Center, go to libraries, colleges, and other educational facilities created by Andrew Carnegie.   How many of you use Windows – remember the story is that Bill Gates sacrificed his partner to take it over himself and now he is promoting the return of half of his fortune to charity. He’s also convincing other billionaires to do the same! The funds for those good endeavours came from the exploitation of millions of workers at the profit of those business tycoons, but yet we do not dare tear those structures down, because now they are viewed as positives in our community. I’m not promoting cheating (if in fact Lance is guilty) but I am promoting the message – The idea to overcome a challenge that seems insurmountable, the idea of promoting positive symbolism to take down cancer, the image of strength in knowledge and power of knowledge to take down a disease that threatens us all. I am for that.


Charles Caleb Colton, the English cleric, and writer coined the quote, that
“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”  Most people take this quote to mean that you should not be offended by the fact that  someone wishes to copy your style, or your clothes. You should marvel at the fact that others wish to follow your lead. It’s simply because  you are a trailblazer, an original, a one of a kind.

I tend to agree with this idea and therefore, I am highly flattered that the fine folks at Urban Outfitters have decided to carry a band/bracelet that is the exact model and replica of the surival bands we have been selling here at Gameoncancer!!!!

 This is the band that may be found in Urban Outfitters stores and in fact here’s the link to their website:  Urban Outfitters Survival Band 

Please notice the fact that they are selling their bands for a whopping $12.00.  While we have been selling ours here for $10.00 and for awhile have actually been selling them for $5.00! The best part about what we do is that the money we raise goes to two things:

 1.) To pay for the supplies to create the bands

2.) To provide funds that go directly to the  Lance Armstrong Foundation.

What can be better than buying a “Haute Couture” band and providing money to a wonderful cause?

Currently, I have sold  over 300 of these bands to people in mulitiple countries, and multiple states.  Here is the link to the post about these bands on this very blog: 

If you’re interested in purchasing a band, please send me an email to  of the color you are interested in and an approximation on your wrist size and I will gladly make them for you, and mail them to your destination.

On that vein, I’ve been amazed recently how these bands have been emerging in various locations. I have spotted them in different cities, at sporting events in Philadelphia and just out and about. If you currently have a gameoncancer survival band, and travel somewhere interesting, please take a photo of yourself and the band at a destination and email the picture back to me.

I’ve got to think of a way of how I can show you where these bands currently are located throughout the country and world.  Does anyone know of a map or a program that would allow me to modify the map? Just a thought. Thank you for your help and I look forward to making more of these bands to commemorate the fight against cancer!

Today, we made the trip over to Montgomery County Community College in nearby Blue Bell, PA to visit the Livestrong Village and collect the racing bibs, and collectable shirts for our team.  The village was absolutely hopping with activity, as the Livestrong Challenge Philadelphia is completely filled! There will be over 6,000 participants! I am floored by the number of people who are going to arrive for this race.  And that doesn’t even include people who are coming just to support those that are participating!

Livestrong Village

Livestrong Village

In attendance, at the Livestrong Village today, were Eddie George (former Heisman Trophy winner) and Chris Carmichael (Lance’s personal trainer). Unfortunately, they happened to leave just as we were exiting the registration tent! Boo… Therefore, my mission is still incomplete. Mission 1.) Grab a picture with Eddie George.  Mission 2.) Run the Livestrong Challenge  Mission 3.) See if I can snag a photo of Fat Cyclist and/or Drew from Blame Drew’s Cancer. 

I might be able to accomplish this last feat at the Livestrong Challenge dinner tonight at Turbine Hall, in Chester, PA.  I’m looking forward to this swanky affair of dining, socializing, and of course discussing the prevention of cancer.  Keynote speakers tonight will be Ethan Zohn of Survivor Fame, Drew of Blame Drew’s Cancer, Lance’s bud, “College,” Elden (Fatcyclist) and the musical stylings of Amos Lee.  Therefore, this should be a personal discussion of the impact of cancer and what we can do to stop it.  After dinner, we will return to sort shirts, and bags for everyone and then for me (blog and post pictures) then to bed! Cause tomorrow will be an early morning!!!! More to come on this post!


April 20, 2009

Welcome to the blog for team Kappy’s Kids! We’re here to keep you updated with stories, inspiration, and of course – to get your donations. Don’t worry, we’ll give something back to you (other than the satisfaction of knowing you did your part to help beat cancer). Starting with..SURVIVAL BRACELETS!


Colors top row left to right: Camo, pink, white, purple, light blue.

Top row left to right: Royal blue, black, maroon, yellow, orange, LiveSTRONG Band

Now the bands come in two colors.  Examples of these are shown above:  Colors top row left to right: Yellow and Black, Blue and White, Purple and Lime Green, Lime Green and Pink.

Bottom Row: (Left to Right) Livestrong bracelet, Lime Green, Maroon, and Gold, and Red, White and Blue.

Do you know what survival bracelets are? Neither does Wikipedia it turns out. They typically have been used in the military as a means of carrying cord with you at all times in case of emergency. It can be un-knotted into 20′ or more of cord!

Of course, ours are far more fashionable, and our objective is to help more people survive cancer rather than enemy warfare. Want one? We know you do! Leave us a comment telling us how many, which color, and an approximate wrist size (children’s, small – for small framed women, medium – for most women, and large – for men.) We’re selling them at half off for the rest of August at just $5 – in September, we’re back to our $10 rate. And just because this is our first blog post, we’ll throw in something a little extra: the first 10 people to buy a bracelet here will get an authentic Lance Armstrong LiveSTRONG Band as well! We know you love us already. Keep your eyes on the blog..we’ll up the ante on these giveaways soon!